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PM Berisha and EPP President, Mr. Jozeph Daul, during the joint press conference 24/06/2010
PM Berisha during the press conference following the submission of EU questionnaire 19/04/2010
PM Berisha and NATO Secretary General, Rasmussen, during a joint press conference 29/04/2010
PM Berisha and EU President during a joint press conference, after the their meeting in Brussels 14/04/2010
PM Berisha during the submittion of the EU questionnaire and the joint press conference with EU Commissioner for Enlargement and Neighbourhood Policy 14/04/2010
PM Berisha and EP President Jerzy Buzek during the joint press conference after their meeting in Brussels 15/04/2010
PM Berisha and the Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs Franco Frattini during the joint press statement 12/04/2010
PM Berisha and EU Commissioner for Engargement, Stefan Fule, on a joint press conference 19/03/2010
PM Berisha and Estonian PM, Ansip, during a joint press conference 05/04/2010
PM Berisha and Belgian PM Leterme on a press conference 16/2/2010
Press conference of PM Berisha on the first 100 days of second governance mandate 28/12/2009
The speech of PM Berisha at the Summit of Copenhagen 17/12/2009
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