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Information about Head Council
Information about Head Council
PM Berisha: Fier bypass, a key section of national road network in Albania
Prime Minister Sali Berisha inaugurated today the kickoff works on construction of a 22km bypass in the city of Fier in south-western Albania at a procured value of 39.87 million Euros.

PM Berisha attends kickoff works on road Kthesa e Qarrit - Bishan - Poro - Pish Poro - Bregdet in Fier Region
The prime minister said that this picturesque road, which connects and adds dimension of the sea and tourism to this wonderful area, is a government promise kept.

Tirana-Elbasan tunnel opens and is put in operation. PM Berisha: This is a day of national pride, an old dream coming true
This road, considered the main artery of Corridor 8, is a government promise kept. It represents the highest standards applied until today not only in our country, but even in the Balkans. Tirana–Elbasan Highway is a four-lane highway.

PM Berisha: Salary and pension increase, government constant policy
The government of Albania approves in principle decision on salary and pension increase as well as other decisions

PM Berisha inaugurates cruise terminal in Saranda port
Following the building of this terminal, the actual port of Saranda resort is thoroughly transformed into a port of passengers and tourists.

PM Berisha inaugurates Gas Power plant of RM Group firm
PM Berisha held in high esteem the plant owner for the investment made and highlighted the fact that 200 workers are recruited in the plant. Also 70% of the plant products are for export to the region and beyond.


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