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Information about Head Council
Information about Head Council
PM Berisha meets Israeli PM Netanyahu

On the second day of his visit to Israel Prime Minister Sali Berisha met Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu.

After he gave a warm welcome, PM Netanyahu thanked PM Berisha for the consistent approach of the government of Albania for peace and stability in the region. During the meeting the interlocutors highlighted the friendship between the two peoples, which became evident like never before in WWII when no Albanian Jews were turned over to the Germans. Albania subsequently became a safe haven for several hundreds of Jewish refugees from other countries. The Albanians protected them and even put their own families at risk and saved the Jews.

PM Berisha expressed his high appreciation of PM Netanyahu warm hospitality and highlighted the unwavering support of Israeli top officials for the further strengthening of the very good political relations between the two governments and countries as well as the policy of promoting cooperation in all the fields.

Further on, the two prime ministers discussed on the reforms the respective governments have already undertaken and developments in all the fields in Albania and in Israel. PM Berisha acquainted PM Netanyahu with the important achievements of the government of Albania in easing the fiscal burden on the business and a downsized government without any bureaucratic barrier, the major infrastructure works, the energy projects, the major economic and fiscal reforms and achievements in the field of education. PM Netanyahu positively assessed Albania transformation from one of the poorest countries of an average income of 204 USD per capita into a country of upper-middle-income economies and successful policies on privatization.

PM Netanyahu expressed to PM Berisha the government of Israeli strong commitment to cooperate closely with the government of Albania on concrete projects in all the fields, but “especially, we are looking forward to cooperate closely and encourage Israeli investment projects in Albania, in the field of tourism, but even in technology and science,” said PM Netanyahu. During the meeting the interlocutors brought to evidence other fields and reconfirmed their willingness to concrete projects of cooperation like that on education and academic research, information technology, agriculture, olive and nut projects included, the irrigation system and water exploitation, the building of works for production of renewable energy as well as in the field of mines. 

PM Netanyahu assured PM Berisha that the government of Israel will encourage Israeli private business sector to come and invest in Albania and exploit the particularly favorable climate the government of Albania has created for business and investments. Likewise, the two prime ministers agreed to exchange experience and expertise between the two countries in fields of reciprocal interest.

Further on, the two prime ministers discussed at length on developments in the region and over a wider area.

PM Berisha took the opportunity to extend PM Netanyahu the invitation to visit Albania. PM Netanyahu accepted the invitation and said he was looking forward to visit Albania.

PM Netanyahu put on a dinner in honor of PM Berisha and the delegation accompanying him.


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