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Information about Head Council
Information about Head Council
PM Berisha receives Ramush Haradinaj, leader of Alliance for Future of Kosova

Prime Minister Sali Berisha received today Ramush Haradinaj, leader of Alliance for the Future of Kosova.

PM Berisha gave welcome to Mr. Haradinaj and the delegation accompanying him. On their part, the guests thanked PM Berisha for the hospitality. Mr. Haradinaj said he had followed with great interest the political developments in Albania and took the opportunity of expressing his pleasure at the partnership of the Alliance for Future of Kosova party with the Democratic Party in Albania. The two interlocutors confirmed the continuity of this partnership even in the future.

Mr. Haradinaj held in high esteem the contribution that PM Berisha and his ruling majority made in Albania’s democratization and development. On his part, PM Berisha emphasized that all Albania’s major achievements in the framework of the Europe-Atlantic integration of the country are related only with the Democratic Party. And such an asymmetry shows the Socialist Party reluctance to integration which is also reflected in the opposition’s destructive behaviour during the last 4 years when it blocked Albania’s European integration. The prime minister appreciated alternation a fundamental law of democracy. But, he added that the Socialist Party came to power through unattainable promises and it’s giving them up since now.

The interlocutors discussed during their meeting on political developments in the domestic and international aspect of Kosova. Also the talks focused on the process of implementation of agreements between the Republic of Kosova and that of Serbia and was highlighted the fundamental importance of their implementation for consolidation not only of Kosova, but even peace and stability in the region. In this context, Mr. Haradinaj emphasized that this process will go ahead.

Likewise, the interlocutors discussed about topics of mutual interest and cooperation in the field of economy, energy and infrastructure. In this aspect, Mr. Haradinaj expressed a special interest in TAP project and Kosova opportunities of benefiting from this major trans-European energy project. The prime minister said that TAP project is of strategic importance for energy security not only of Europe, but even of the region and assured that Kosova will benefit in this framework, too. The development of common energy infrastructure and exploitation of resources for production of energy in the two countries were also topics carefully treated in the meeting. Mr. Haradinaj appreciated highly the great infrastructure projects PM Berisha implemented as an extraordinary contribution to bring the Albanians together and expressed his hope that the undertaken projects and reforms will not come to a halt. 

PM Berisha put on dinner in honour of Mr. Haradinaj and the delegation accompanying him.




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PM Berisha receives Ramush Haradinaj, leader of Alliance for Future of Kosova
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