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Information about Head Council
Information about Head Council
Prime Minister Berisha receives a delegation of China’s Communist Party

Prime Minister Berisha met today with a delegation of Communist Party of China, headed by Director-General of the Bureau of East European and Central Asian Affairs Mr. Tian Yongxiang.  The Delegation was accompanied by Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China in Albania Mr. Ye Hao.

PM Berisha welcomed the guests and expressed his special pleasure over their visit. He highlighted the fact that two parties – Democratic Party and Communist Party of China have deeply transformed two respect countries and underlined that this visit is a clear indicator of the constant interest of Communist Party of China in relationship between two countries and parties.

Premier Berisha considered as important the establishment of the China-Central and Eastern European Countries Cooperation Secretariat and fund put at disposal by Chinese government for cooperation and development projects in this region. The Premier praised the joint projects and focused on initiative of government for learning Chinese language in Albanian schools as an important step in development of relations between two countries. PM Berisha commended cooperation regarding construction of Arber Road, as a major project not only or the country but also for the region. He extended thanks to major Chinese company - China State Construction Engineering Corporation (CSCEC) and Chinese government for really profitable offer made before elections, which in relation to public debt has a zero impact or irrelevant impact. With the completion of the elections, experts are preparing to make the offer public in line with law on open international tender. New government will decide about selection of best version and negotiate the contract. Among other things, this company has expressed interest in construction of Tirana tram line construction.

Prime Minister focused on need for attraction of further Chinese investments. Premier said that government headed by him has created a favourable climate for foreign investments and expressed wish that this spirit could be kept alive in the best interest of our country. PM Berisha said that Albania resisted world financial economic crisis and despite consequences maintained economic growth, thanks to reforms undertaken by government. He invited Chinese investors to benefit from opportunities offered by Albania in port infrastructure, energy, mines, etc. In this respect, PM Berisha said that opening of a Chinese bank would be of great interest.

On his part, Mr. Tian Yongxiang thanked the Premier for the hospitality and possibility of realization of this meeting. He also pointed to the continuous progress in relations between two countries and peoples, based on a historic friendly relation between two peoples. “Albania is a small country but well-known in China”, said Yongxiang underlining this fact consists of a good basis for encouragement of Chinese investments. He also put an emphasis on the indisputable and historic role of Democratic Party in development of bilateral relations between two peoples and our countries, pointing to precious personal contribution of PM Berisha, which was highly assessed by Chinese part.

He said that at current stage Albania has good opportunities of benefits from projects and funds of Chinese government.  Mr. Yongxiang expressed interest of Chinese part to back projects in modernization of infrastructure. Likewise, he praised cultural cooperation, in particular learning of Chinese language, adding that Chinese government has put at disposal a number of teachers.

Both interlocutors exchanged views and appreciations about development of inter-party relations, highlighting the high level exchanges in the recent years. Premier Berisha informed delegation of Chinese Communist Party about election process for new head of Democratic Party following his resignations, through mechanism of “one member, one vote”. In this respect, he stressed that this process would renew and strengthen the party and get it ready for victory in future elections. In the framework of cooperation between parties, Yongxiang invited Mr. Berisha to visit China at the head of a delegation from the Democratic Party. PM Berisha accepted the invitation with great pleasure and conveyed most heartfelt greetings to President, Premier and senior authorities of China’s Communist Party.


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