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Faqja Arkivė e Kėshillit tė Ministrave

Information about Head Council
Information about Head Council
Press statement by prime minister’s spokeswoman Erla Mėhilli

During the recent days, the new majority leader Edi Rama has launched attacks and threats against the constitutional institutions of the country, the normal activity of the government and its decisions. In regard to this stance, an expression of an unrestrained revanche of Mr. Rama, we refer to the country’s Constitution which in its articles 65; 67; 96; 99, stipulates in a crystal clear way the date when the ruling majority and prime minister’s mandate begins and ends.

Thus, according to article 65 of the Constitution, the mandate of the Assembly expires on the same date, but four years on from the date of the first meeting and the first meeting was held on September 7, 2009. According to article 67 of the Constitution, the President of the Republic calls the newly-elected Assembly not earlier than the date when the mandate of the current Assembly expires. Thus, the new Assembly cannot convene prior September 7.

According to article 96 of the Constitution, the President of the Republic, at the beginning of the legislature nominates the prime minister, i.e. after the new Assembly gets convened. Also according to article 99, before taking office the new prime minister swears in before the President of the Republic, which means that the mandate of incumbent prime minister expires after his successor swears in. Thus, the incumbent government has a full Constitutional mandate to exercise its executive power in implementation of the programme on which it got the vote until the day when the new ruling majority’s mandate begins. All the government decisions are in line with its programme and its mandate is based on the Constitution and the relevant laws of the country.

It is anti-constitutional and evidence of unrestrained revanche the attacks and threats of Mr. Rama against the country’s institutions. It is also anti-constitutional his claim of a caretaker government. The Constitution of Albania, like that of the most countries in Europe with a few rare exceptions, recognizes or stipulates any caretaker government related to the elections. Such a legal framework is sanctioned in the Constitution of Bangladesh according to which three months prior the elections the head of the Constitutional Court takes the chair of the caretaker government, but this scarcely happens in any other country with a well-defined legal basis.

The prime minister demands from Mr. Rama to give up threats and attacks against the constitutional institutions and assures the citizens that the incumbent government will normally continue the fulfilment of its obligations and the country institutions cannot get hampered or influenced by his unrestrained revanche on them.



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Press statement by prime minister’s spokeswoman Erla Mėhilli
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