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Faqja Arkivė e Kėshillit tė Ministrave

Information about Head Council
Information about Head Council
PM Berisha meets DUI political leader Ali Ahmeti

Prime Minister Sali Berisha received today the political leader of the Democratic Union for Integration in Macedonia Ali Ahmeti.

Following this meeting, PM Berisha and Mr. Ahmeti made the following statements to the media:

PM Berisha: It was a great pleasure at meeting with the political leader of the Democratic Union for Integration (DUI) in Macedonia Ali Ahmeti. His party has played a substantial role in the Ohrid Agreement and promotion of freedoms and rights of the Albanians, but even stability as a whole in Macedonia.

Being DUI party president, Mr. Ahmeti has great merits in all the positive developments since Ohrid Agreement up to its implementation, the factors that brought about the Ohrid Agreement, the contribution he makes under a difficult situation for the stability and the further progress of Macedonia.

I thanked him for the visit. It was a pleasure.

DUI party president, Mr. Ahmeti: It was a pleasure the reception that the prime minister of Albania extended. I am here to thank you for the care you have shown to the Albanians of Macedonia over 8 consecutive years at the head of the Albanian government.

I avail myself today to express thanks for the cooperation, the great job we have managed to perform; I thank you for the fraternal advice I have got under really difficult and specific processes and developments in the Republic of Macedonia.

I thank you for all the support given so that our country takes its deserved place in the NATO and in the European structures. I say on behalf of those Albanians that I represent that you will remain a leader and permanent prime minister for the Albanians of Macedonia.



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PM Berisha meets DUI political leader Ali Ahmeti
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