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Information about Head Council
Information about Head Council
PM Berisha inaugurates sewage treatment plant in Vlora

Prime Minister Sali Berisha inaugurated today the new sewage treatment plant in Vlora.

It’s an about 13 million Euros investment in construction of the new sewage treatment systems with a proper capacity to serve a population of 160 thousand inhabitants, but also used in building of roads, pavements and paths leading to the houses in Vlora.

PM Berisha appreciated water infrastructure vital for development of the city and the country. He expressed his satisfaction with completion of works on this facility thanks to which Vlora is ranked among the Mediterranean cities with the cleanest waters.  

PM Berisha said the following at the inauguration event:

“Vlora citizens! Mr. Minister! Mr. Deputy Candidate in Vlora region! I give to you all my most friendly greetings. From now on, Vlora, this pearl of the Mediterranean, is ranked on the map of the cleanest cities of Europe and the world because of its sewage treatment facility. Following the road and electricity infrastructure, water infrastructure is absolutely vital for development of a city and the country.

In the course of the DP governance years, Vlora has become the city of the most magnificent motorways countrywide, but also one of the cities with the most modern water infrastructure. A 26 million Euros investment has been used in building of the water supply systems which following the completion of the local network will provide Vlora people with non-stop water supply. But, naturally, the sewage treatment plant was that vital to Vlora so that every Vlora people, every tourist and whoever comes to Vlora can wash in the cleanest waters on earth. This is a 13 million Euros investment and responds to a capacity of 160 thousand inhabitants. 

Meanwhile, you are already aware we have begun works on building the complete water infrastructure in Orikum, the non-stop water supply systems of Orikum and the surrounding areas as well as the waste water treatment facility of this area.

This is what we call development. We are making the utmost to lead development. Hence, today I extend the kindest invitation to Vlora citizens, the local inhabitants of Vlora region so that to vote for No 44 at the elections. Vlora people and all the Albanians, besides their efforts and sweat, deserve to be good fortunate and 44 is the lucky number. Albanians are aware of this; they are bright people and have no reason whatsoever to vote for the unlucky number 29 of the socialists. This is the truth. I assure the local citizens of this region that in the framework of our march forward, we shall make the utmost to complete every other work that Vlora deserves, the bypass, the major projects to transform the natural ensemble Nartë-Sazan-Karaburun into the best touristic ensemble in Europe and the world.

I call on you to vote No 44 on the ballot paper and I invite you to celebrate together in Tirana. Let us celebrate together in the spirit of our deserved victory, with confidence in the future, in one another and confidence in Albania. Victory!”



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