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Information about Head Council
Information about Head Council
PM Berisha inaugurates Shkodėr-Hani i Hotit road

Prime Minister Sali Berisha inaugurated today Shkodër-Hani i Hotit road, an investment of 34.2 million Euros. The prime minister appreciated the road segment of great importance for development of Shkodra region, but also as the road of communication with Montenegro and the other countries, Bosnia, Croatia and others.

Shkodër-Hani i Hotit road, 39 km long, influence positively the North-South Corridor that starts on the border with Montenegro and moves along toward Greece in the South and Macedonia on the East. This road axis goes through Shkodra city and improves the traffic as well as all underground infrastructure, parking, pavements and bike path. Koplik and Bajza two bypasses are also part along traffic from Montenegro toward Albania and vice-versa. There is also the rehabilitated infrastructure of the urban area of Koplik and Bajzë town and their connection with the two bypasses. At the end of it, the road goes by Shkodra Lake.

Appreciating the road in accordance with the high quality standards, the prime minister said that building of a modern road network has been one of the most major developments that the country has attained during the recent years. “Every citizen crossing into Albania via Morin in Kukësi, Morinë Pass in Tropojë or Vermoshi can drive up to Konispol on a quite new road built mainly since 2006 until today. This is our greatest achievement”.

During 2005-2013, in Shkodra region are realized investments at an amount of 670 million USD. In regard of the road infrastructure, there are built more than 930 km road at more than 200 million USD; there are built and reconstructed 122 schools and kindergartens at an amount of 15 million USD; 104 water supply and canal systems at about 35 million USD; 94 medical centres at about 15 million USD. In agriculture, investment amounts to more than 35 million USD and there are subsidized 7 million USD or 32 times more as compared to the time of the Socialist Party governance. Likewise, there are restored more than 60 works of culture and spiritual recreation and thus bringing back to identity the well-known Shkodra monuments and roads. In energy field, 330 million USD is invested in improvement of electricity network where there is included the substation of Koplik, Vau i Dejës, Bushati, and Ashta hydropower station; there are under construction 25 hydropower stations at a 240 MW capacity and an investment of about 130 million USD. The double increase of the number of new businesses is another important development, from 3480 businesses by 2005, into 8850 by 2012.


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