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Information about Head Council
Information about Head Council
Premier Berisha: Leskovik area will have best roads in Albania and region

Following his meeting with Kolonja inhabitants, Premier Berisha held further meetings in Leskovik where in the beginning he inaugurated Leskovik-Tre urat road, an 800 million lekë investment. 


In his speech delivered on this occasion, the premier said:


“I am grateful for your support. I shall do the utmost to build together with you a European-like Leskovik and Albania.


We have gather this time in this square like citizens of a NATO country, an EU candidate and citizens due to move without a visa in Europe. Leskovik is a remote center from the capital, but it has great development potentials. We inaugurated kick off works on Tri urat road. We have invested 749 million lekë in Leskovik versus 240 million lekë invested during the eight years of Socialist governance. I pledge the investments will be 10 times greater over the coming 4 years. Firstly, I promise that Kolonjë-Leskovik road axis will be built new and in accordance with the European standards, Leskovik- Përmet road axis will be rebuilt, the first according to European standards. Here we just inaugurated Leskovik- Tre urat road, of the best European standards worth 800 million lekë.


During the next four years you shall have one of the best road infrastructures in Albania and in the region. Secondly, we promise to Leskovik farmers, that in respect of their brilliant tradition, to subsidize every vineyard they plant while you continuo your fine tradition of producing the best wines in Albania and in the Balkans. No quotas or restriction on you, just plant whatever quantity you want to and we shall subsidize you.


Thirdly, we shall finance grape processing, hence you draft projects even on wine plant, or other destinations, the government will finance you so that your products would be recognized everywhere. Leskovik has non-stop water supply and all the surrounding villages of Leskovik will have. You are aware of a double increase of the pensions for the farmers. Now, we target to equal them with the pensions in the town and their increase to higher levels than the pensions of farmers in 6 EU member countries. I call on Leskovik citizens to join us in our Albania like Europe project. I extend a friendly call to all the socialists to join us in this project that has to do with your wages, pensions, education of your children, it is a project of your dignity and we would like to share it will every Albanian. The wise people join in the great projects. Hence, I invite you all to go to the polls on June 28. Let us vote while singing, let us vote with the greatest  citizenship and let us knock with the free vote and the new ID cards on the gates of Europe, like a nation prepared for Albania like Europe. 


June 28 is the celebration of all the Albanians, it’s the new March 22 of our European dream, and it’s the victory of every Albanian and of all Albania. The blue color Europe would welcome a blue Albania out of June 28 elections.


You vote No 10 because that’s your number and the number of your children; it’s the mark Albania deserves and what Europe expects.”






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